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We make deploying a Cellular Distributed Antenna System simple and cost-effective.

Waveform’s integrator division is your turn-key designer, integrator, and installer of Cellular Distributed Antenna Systems in Pottstown. We’ve deployed DAS systems in Pottstown and across the state of Pennsylvania.

The Fifth Utility

Why your building in Pottstown needs a DAS

Pottstown, Pennsylvania, a charming city in the American Southwest, is known for its desert climate and unique identity. In order to ensure reliable indoor environments amidst the desert heat, the installation of a multi-carrier distributed antenna system (DAS) is crucial. This technology, provided by reputable DAS integrators, allows for flawless indoor cellular reception and coverage in various buildings such as office buildings, apartment complexes, hospitals, and warehouses. With wireless connectivity being deemed the "fifth utility" in our digital world, a DAS is an essential piece of communication infrastructure in any building in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

Signal in Pottstown

Welcome to Pottstown, where cell signals take a vacation!

Pottstown, Pennsylvania, a city with a population of over 115,000, faces challenges in its wireless connectivity. While outdoor connectivity is decent, indoor reception is significantly worse. Upgraded cell towers are not designed to improve indoor signal strength, and modern eco-friendly building materials further weaken cellular reception. To overcome these issues and achieve reliable indoor DAS, installation of a DAS is essential. Waveform, an expert DAS integrator, can provide custom solutions to eliminate indoor connectivity problems in Pottstown.

How we're different

A partner you can trust from quote to close-out

Vendor and Technology Neutral

We believe that no one DAS technology is right for every application. There are no silver bullets.

Instead, we carefully select the right technology for the specific signal conditions and requirements of your building.

A Deep Expertise in DAS Technology

DAS is the only thing we do.

We act as your domain expert and advocates. We help you get your questions answered, and guide you to the best solution for your unique needs.

Careful Planning, Regular Communication

Projects succeed when they’re planned carefully. We take our client’s trust seriously, ensuring that projects are delivered on time and on budget.

At every stage, we’ll keep every stakeholder, including you, in the loop. You’ll never wonder what’s happening next.

Our Process

Refined based on hundreds of installations

1. Initial Budgetary Estimate
< 1 week
2. Design & On-Site Visit
1 to 3 weeks
3. Final Proposal
1 week
4. DAS Deployment
4-12 weeks upon approval
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