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Industrial Boosters

Important note about Industrial Boosters: 

The following FCC requirements apply to the sale of Industrial Boosters:

  • They can only be sold as part of a custom-designed kit
  • They must be installed by a certified signal installer.

You can find more information about the FCC's regulation of Industrial Boosters at the bottom of this page.

The products listed below are available for reference, but to purchase one, please contact us.

About the FCC's Industrial Signal Booster Ruling

On February 20, 2013, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in association with the carriers and booster manufacturers, issued new regulations to improve wireless coverage through the use of signal boosters. These new rules became effective May 1, 2014 and regulate Consumer, Industrial and Part 90 signal boosters as defined by the FCC. 

Consumer signal boosters are sold as complete kit systems and are designed to be installed and used, “out of the box.” Installation does not require technical expertise or certification. Booster kits include a set of antennas, cables, connectors and signal booster certified for use by the FCC. 

The FCC defines Industrial boosters as, “Industrial Signal Boosters include a wide variety of devices that are designed for installation by licensees or professional installers. These devices are typically designed to serve multiple users simultaneously and cover larger areas such as stadiums, airports, office buildings, hospitals, tunnels, and educational campuses. Industrial Signal Boosters sold and marketed starting on March 1, 2014 must meet new FCC requirements.” (

Industrial signal boosters are more powerful than consumer grade boosters and can potentially interfere with the carrier’s signal. The new FCC rules require carrier consent and installation of industrial signal boosters by FCC licensees or qualified installers. A poorly designed system configuration and installation by unqualified personnel can interfere with the proper operation of cell phone towers and potentially result in fines from the FCC.

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