Wilson 801865 Booster Kit

by Wilson

Product discontinued

The Wilson 801865 Booster Kit has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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Product Description

The new Wilson 801865 4G LTE 700 is an high powered amplifier designed for Verizon's super fast 4G data network. The 801865 can massively increase your 4G upload and download speeds in your home or office. The massive 70dB of gain means that the Wilson 801865 can cover up to 10,000 sq ft with wireless coverage. It works wirelessly with all 4G phones and data cards.

How it works:
The outside antenna is placed in the area of best signal, collects it and sends it through a cable to the 801865 amplifier. The amplifier boosts the 4G LTE signal , and then sends the boosted signal through a cable to the inside antenna. This provides an area of improved signal that can be used by phones and data cards simultaneously.

This amplifier is only for Verizon's 4G LTE Data network. For Verizon 4G LTE Data and Voice coverage please look at the Wilson Tri-Band Amplifier.

Here are the Wilson 801865 technical specifications (pdf)

Technical Specifications

Product Reference 801865 4G LTE 700 Amplifier Only
Product Manual Instruction Manual Coming Soon

US 4G LTE 700MHz Band
Uplink: 776-787 MHz
Downlink: 746 - 757 MHz

Gain (up/down): 70dB / 70dB
Linear Output power: 28.0dBm (downlink), 20.5dBm (uplink)

50 Ohm outside and inside

Oscillation Control: 20-70dB Amplifier Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
2db gain steps
Automatic shutdown on overload
Noise Figure (down): 3.5dB Nominal
Isolation: > 90dB
Power Consumption: 110-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 8 W
Connectors: N/Female
Dimensions: 5.7" x 4.2" x 1.5"
Weight: 1.23 lbs


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