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Case Study:

BlueBird Bio: Off-Air DAS in Massachusetts' Med Tech Company's New HQ

New headquarters for personal genomics company equipped with Passive DAS ahead of opening

Building Size
147,000 sq. ft.
System Type
Cellular DAS
AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Building Type
Corporate, Office, Commercial
Corporate Space, Medical
DAS Vendor
RSRF, HiBoost
Off-Air Passive DAS

1. The Problem

BlueBird Bio's Cambridge, MA office space was a glass building located in a densely populated area of the downtown. Weak cell signal plagued the building compelled them reach out to RSRF.

BlueBird Bio Cambridge DAS System

BlueBird Bio pushes hard on gene therapy because they believe it delivers the chance for people with severe genetic diseases and cancer to live fully, regardless of what’s written in their DNA. Their goal is to recode the science, the system – and even the status quo – for life.

With that philosophy driving them every day, they weren't willing to settle for less than optimal cellular voice and data coverage for their team.

● During the facility build-out weak signal strength and strong interference from surrounding buildings were identified.

● The building was constructed primarily of glass, which contributed to signal interference.

● Intra-cell interference caused signals to degrade on higher floors, while lower floors lacked adequate coverage.

● Distance from carrier antennas further exacerbated the coverage issues.

Our Process

Simple, from start to finish

1. Initial Budgetary Estimate
< 1 week
2. Design & On-Site Visit
1 to 3 weeks
3. Final Proposal
1 week
4. DAS Deployment
4-12 weeks upon approval

2. The Solution

An off-air DAS system was recommended to bring the outdoor macro network signals indoors and normalize the delivery of service. Placement of the donor antenna was key.

BlueBird Bio Cambridge DAS System Head-End

During the initial client consultation and site survey it was revealed that the service degradation experienced in the BlueBird Bio facility in Cambridge, MA was caused by several factors. Building materials were attenuating already weak signals causing inconsistent coverage between floors. The rooftop was noisy with competing signals causing interference for the upper floors, which theoretically should have had stronger signals. Additionally, the stainless steel walls used to build out the clean rooms and laboratories on the lower floors were acting as barriers to signal flow.

The client was looking specifically for improved service with all carriers.

Using the data collected in conjunction with input from the client about their concerns and goals, RSRF determined that the best solution would be to deploy a Passive DAS solution to leverage the off-air signal.

3. The Results

A flexible and future-proof solution that extends consistent coverage.

BlueBird Bio Canteen with DAS Roof Antenna

Powering the passive DAS with small cell equipment dramatically improved performance while minimizing costs. The outdoor macro network signal was brought in off-air to provide enhanced signal coverage indoors.

Placing the donor antenna on a location other than the roof minimized interference and noise from neighboring antennae and ensured a stable connection. Amplifiers extended signal coverage in areas where building materials attenuated signals.

The project was completed in tandem with building modifications, which meant that on move-in day, BlueBird Bio staff arrived experienced full-bar coverage throughout the new facility.

How we're different

A partner you can trust: from quote to close-out
Vendor and Technology Neutral

We believe that no one DAS technology is right for every application. There are no silver bullets.

Instead, we carefully select the right technology for the specific signal conditions and requirements of your building.

A Deep Expertise in DAS Technology

DAS is the only thing we do.

We act as your domain expert and advocates. We help you get your questions answered, and guide you to the best solution for your unique needs.

Careful Planning, Regular Communication

Projects succeed when they’re planned carefully. We take our client’s trust seriously, ensuring that projects are delivered on time and on budget.

At every stage, we’ll keep every stakeholder, including you, in the loop. You’ll never wonder what’s happening next.
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