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About us

Reliable connectivity, anywhere.

Since 2007, we've been focused on one thing:

Helping our customers get the best connectivity possible.

We believe connections matter

Cell phones have helped connect billions of people around the world.

But nothing is more frustrating than dropped calls and exasperatingly poor data connectivity when bars are struggling. That's where we come in.

Technical expertise, fanatical support

We know you have choices when it comes to buying equipment. That's why we believe in providing fanatical support with every device we sell. And we don't just blindly sell whatever we come across.

We test everything thoroughly to verify performance, and to make sure we understand what it is we're selling.

Learning by doing

A huge part of our knowledge about these products comes from experience.

Every year, our nationwide team of installers deploys enterprise-grade systems in apartment complexes, hospitals, hotels, offices, and enterprise applications in buildings up to a million square feet.

Our Leadership Team

Sina Khanifar

CEO & Co-Founder

Sam Westwood

COO & Co-Founder

Tom Hernandez

VP of Enterprise Sales & Operations

Tyler Polk

Financial Controller

Marcus Carstens

Director of Product

Robyn SpĂ­ndola

Director of People and Culture

Eric Han

Director of Supply Chain Operations

Griffin Holcomb

Director of Marketing

Josh Segelson

Director of Project Management

Ian Forsyth

E-Commerce Manager

Harry Vermeulen

E-Commerce Manager

Andrew Roberts

Director of RF Engineering