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GO X G32 vs G41: Which CEL-FI Booster is Right for You?

GO X G32 vs G41: Which CEL-FI Booster is Right for You?

For many years now, the CEL-FI G32 GO X booster has been one of our most popular and trusted signal booster solutions. Customers tell us over and over how reliably it improves coverage.

Last week, Nextivity launched their new Cel-FI GO G41 smart signal booster. If you’re considering an upgrade or new purchase, it's important to understand the key differences between the two options.

Rest assured, the tried-and-true G32 still delivers superb performance for anyone with immediate coverage needs. But the upgraded G41 could be a worthwhile investment too - especially if you want to stay on the cutting edge of evolving 5G network technologies.


The GO G41 does carry a higher price tag: The GO X G32 starts at $1,099.99, while the GO G41 starts at $1699.99. But it could end up being the more cost-effective choice long-term. That's because the GO G41 uses CEL-FI's latest 4th generation Intelliboost chipset, which means it will get a software update in mid-2024 to add even more 5G support. 


Once the GO G41 is updated, it will offer a larger max channel bandwidth. The LTE Max Channel Bandwidth (Band 2) will increase by 20 MHz and the 5G NR Max Channel Bandwidth (n2) will increase by 40 MHz. The larger max channel bandwidth of 5G bands should provide a substantial difference in data rates over LTE bands.

If you want a booster that's guaranteed to keep up with changing network technologies for the next 5 years and beyond, the GO G41 future-proofs your system better than the G32.

A Note For T-Mobile Customers

T-Mobile customers may want to take note, however: most of the time if T-Mobile users are connected to 5G you’ll be on band n41 or n71. As such, the G41 won’t benefit most T-Mobile customers, as no additional 5G bands will be added. The 5G NR capabilities will only be available for bands 2/4/5/12/13.

Which Unit to Buy

If you just need a solution right now rather than worrying about 5 years from now, the GO X G32 comes at a more affordable price. It will still deliver the excellent performance that has made it one of our most popular products. However, anyone building a new home or planning to hold onto their booster for 10+ years may want to invest in the G41 now rather than upgrading later.

It’s also worth noting that unlike the G32, the GO G41 is not weatherproof and as such needs to be mounted inside. This is standard for the vast majority of use cases, but just in case you are looking for an outdoors solution, you’ll need to stick to the GO X G32.

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