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Introducing Our Cel-FI Go X Mimo Kit - The First Mimo Signal Booster System

Introducing Our Cel-FI Go X Mimo Kit - The First Mimo Signal Booster System

We’ve just released the first-of-it's-kind Cel-Fi GO X MIMO Kit.

If you're using a signal booster to improve 4G/5G data speeds on your devices, using a MIMO system can increase your speeds by up to 30%!

The Cel-Fi GO X MIMO Kit uses two boosters in parallel to provide a boosted MIMO signal and help you achieve the fastest possible data speeds.

What is MIMO?

Multiple-input and multiple-output, or MIMO, is one of the key technologies behind high-speed wireless internet. 4G and 5G systems use multiple antennas to send and receive signal at the same time and multiply the capacity of a connection.

Most signal booster systems are only SISO compatible (single-input, single-output) and cut the maximum data rates by as much as 30%.

A First of It’s Kind Product

By using two amplifiers in parallel, the Cel-Fi GO X MIMO Kit is the first consumer-grade signal booster system that can boost MIMO signals.

The result is maximum wireless data speeds, all the time!

Powered by The Cel-Fi GO X!

Cel-Fi's industry-leading 100dB gain GO X is different from other boosters in 3 ways:

  • The GO X offers up to 100 dB gain. Making it up to 1000x more powerful than any other consumer-grade signal booster.
  • The Go X is a single-carrier device and will amplify signal for one carrier at a time.
  • The Go X is NEMA 4 weather-resistant and can be installed outdoors.

Its industry-leading gain makes the Cel-Fi Go X the best solution for buildings where outdoor coverage is weak.

Customizable Kit Options

We've packaged the Cel-Fi GO X MIMO Kit with two different kinds of indoor antennas: a MIMO Ultra-Flat Dome Antenna and a MIMO Panel Antenna.

The MIMO Ultra-Flat Dome Antenna spreads signal in all directions around it and works great if you can install it on the ceiling, roughly in the center of a building. The MIMO Panel Antenna has a narrower "beamwidth" and can be installed on a wall, which is easier in some environments.

Beyond this, we can help you configure a kit to any specifications you need. Just reach out to our team of signal specialists for help with a custom kit.

In Summary: The only consumer signal booster system that can offer maximum download speeds

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