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weBoost Installed Home Complete Launches Today


weBoost has just released the first-ever residential signal booster kit that comes with professional installation included as standard. 

The groundbreaking new weBoost Installed Home Complete (474445) is a game-changer for many customers. 

Licensed, insured, and certified professionals can now take all the uncertainty and inconvenience out of a home booster set up.

A Game-Changer In The Cell Signal Boosting Market

At Waveform, we know from speaking to thousands of ordinary at-home customers that the practicalities of installation are a huge stumbling block.

Many consumers can't get access to their roof. Others simply don’t want to run cable themselves.

With the launch of the new  weBoost Installed Home Complete (474445), there there’s now a straightforward solution for customers who don’t want to manage their own installation.

Nationwide Professional Installation

Tech support coming to the home for installation

The new weBoost Installed service is available across all 50 states in the US. And impressively, installations are expected to be arranged as quickly as next-day. Customers can arrange their installation to a two-hour window of their choice as soon as their order is delivered.

The benefits of a professional installation aren’t just limited to less frustration and inconvenience. Professional installers understand complicated signal issues like signal quality (SINR), antenna placement, and oscillation. They are able to take signal readings, locate cell towers, and aim and place donor and signal antennas quickly. Customers can be confident that they’re getting the best possible improvement from their booster configuration.

The benefits won’t just be seen on users’ phone bars either. The professional installers will provide clients with before-and-after signal readouts so that customers can see measurable, quantifiable improvements for themselves.

How weBoost Installed Works

Technician carrying out installation

The weBoost Installed Home Complete ships to customers much like any of our other cell phone signal boosters. However, inside the box, a small card allows customers to schedule installation by weBoost's install partners, OnTech, within a few days.

Unlike most of the signal booster kits we sell, the weBoost Installed Home Complete doesn't include any coaxial cable. Instead, an OnTech technician will cut coax cable to length at the time of install. This minimizes cable losses, and ensures that both the outdoor and indoor antennas can be installed in the ideal locations.

OnTech's professional technicians have been trained to find the best outdoor signal, identify critical indoor coverage areas. One of the hardest parts of installing a signal meter is training the outdoor antenna towards the tower. weBoost have equipped all of OnTech's technicians with the Cell LinQ Pro Signal Meter, which assists in that process.

The weBoost Home Complete; A Tried-and-Tested Signal Booster

Work Desk at home

The Home Complete signal booster system itself isn’t new. weBoost has been selling the sleekly-designed unit to consumers since last year. At the time, it was introduced it as an upgraded version of their very popular Connect 4G-X. However the unit is no longer offered as a standalone product: all kits now include nationwide professional installation.

The Home Complete an excellent device, one that has made it into our cell signal booster guide and our list of the best cell signal boosters on the market today. The unit offers an attractive, discreet fabric-covered indoor antenna, as well as competitive gain and power levels.

With strong existing outside signal, weBoost claim that the Home Complete Installed can cover up to 7,500 square feet. Even in relatively poor signal conditions, it's possible to cover medium-sized residences.

The table below shows weBoost's suggested coverage areas. As always, we're a little skeptical of these numbers, and would recommend planning for the weBoost Installed Home Complete to cover half the amount listed below.

Expected weBoost Installed Home Complete Coverage Areas 

Image of Expected weBoost Installed Home Complete Coverage Areas

In Summary: A Promising Innovation

Ever since we first started selling boosters back in 2007, the installation has been one of our customers' main concerns. Unfortunately, no one was quite able to crack the logistical challenge of providing nationwide installation. With the launch of the weBoost Installed Home Complete, that finally changes..

We anticipate that the new weBoost Installed Home Complete will be incredibly popular. Customers have always been able to arrange local installers to help get boosters up and running. But a vetted, experienced network of local installers will be a game-changer for many.

Questions? Comments?

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