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New Verizon Network Extender 3 for Enterprise

New Verizon Network Extender 3 for Enterprise

Verizon is set to launch the newest version of their enterprise-grade small cell in the final quarter of 2021. This will be version 3, following the Verizon 4G LTE Network Extender 2 for Enterprise which launched in 2018.

This newest version is developed by Casa Systems. Previous Verizon Network Extenders developed in partnership with Samsung.

We won't be able to test the "Network Extender 3" until its release. Until then, we've studied the FCC reports (FCC ID 2AO38LTE2004-04) to gather as much information as possible.

Mostly, this new device seems to be a direct replacement to the existing Network Extender 2, with no meaningful updates to performance, frequency support or security protocls.

For now we only have the information and pictures provided in the FCC filing, but we will keep this page updated as more information becomes available.


Antenna and Backhaul:

  • Transmit Power: 24 dBm for each LTE carrier

  • Antenna: 2×2 MIMO, 6 internal antennas

  • Backhaul: Gigabit Ethernet Support

Physical and Environmental:

  • Dimensions: 240mm x 240mm x 65mm (10 x 10 x 2.5 inch)

  • Weight: 4.8 lbs

  • Durability: IP 50 rated

Bands and Performance:

  • Frequency Bands: 4, 13, and 66

  • Download / Upload Speed: Up to 400 Mbps download / Up to 75 Mbps upload (256 QAM)

  • Simultaneous Users: 64


  • Protocol: IPSEC: AES, 3DES

  • Key Management: PKI: IKEv2 key management, certificate-based auth with secure boot

  • Transport: Non Internet Transport support

Why You Might Need a Small Cell

If you're a company that relies primarily on Verizon coverage, the outgoing Verizon 4G LTE Network Extender 2 for Enterprise has been an excellent choice for providing in-building coverage for up to 300 users.

A single device can be connected to up to four antennas to achieve a coverage area of 75,000 sq ft, and multiple devices can be used to create a super-cell of up to 150,000 sq ft.

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