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Cell Phone Booster, Repeater and DAS Installation Services

We specialize in configuring custom building repeater solutions and distributed antenna systems for use in commercial, industrial and residential buildings up to 500,000 sq. ft.

Our process is simple and includes:

  • Building coverage assessment and signal booster system design based on your project specifications.
  • Antenna, amplifier and cable distribution configuration and equipment estimate will promptly be processed for review.
  • On-site survey to audit system plan and appraise installation requirements. A technician will visit your site to inspect the building, measure signal coverage and assess the need for any special installation tools or equipment.
  • Provide bill of materials and formal installation quote. A formal price quote will include cost of equipment, installation and any additional fees required for the project.
  • Install and deploy the system, test and balance uplink/downlink signal strengths. Our expert RF technicians will insure signal amplification coverage in the desired space areas.
  • Ensure signal transmissions and carrier compliance. Project completion will include carrier registration and where applicable, remote monitoring.

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