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Public Safety DAS, Repeater and BDA Systems:
Turn-Key Design and Installation Service

Get a free, no-obligation estimate for NFPA 72/IFC emergency responder compliance from our team of signal experts.

Does your building need a public safety DAS or BDA system in order to get a occupancy permit?

Many local and state regulations now mandate public safety coverage inside buildings as a prerequsite for certificates of occupancy. Our team of signal experts are familiar with regulations across the country, and can perform grid testing to verify existing public safety signal conditions. Based on those results, we can design and install a public safety BDA to provide coverage and ensure your building meets local jurisdiction standards and operating protocols.

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Our process:

  1. Initial estimate:
    We’ll put together an initial estimate based on your building information.
  2. RF and construction site survey:
    If you’d like to move ahead, our signal experts will visit the site and perform a "grid test" to verify existing signal levels.
  3. Installation and performance verification:
    Our OSHA and FCC-certified engineers will finalize the system design, and schedule a time to come and install, commission and test your system.

Over a decade of experience

We've been configuring and installing signal coverage enhancement systems for over a decade. We know this technology better than anyone. We'll use that knowledge to make sure that your project happens without a hitch.

Our NFPA compliant, FCC-certified engineers work with the industry-standard iBwave software to design public safety solutions that use channelized "Class A" or broadband BDAs and both passive and active (fiber optic) designs across the VHF, UHF and 700/800 MHz bands.

Nationwide Installation

We have multiple teams of installers around the country. Whether you’re in a rural area or in a dense urban city, our engineers can be on-site within days to test your existing public safety coverage and design a public safety BDA solution.

Public Safety DAS and BDA Guide

Read more about NFPA 72 and IFC requirements, what to look for when hiring DAS expertise, and local jurisdiction requirements in our Public Safety DAS and BDAS for NFPA Compliance Guide.

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"Our experience working with Waveform on the DAS for our new hospital was refreshingly positive. RSRF worked within our time constraints and was able to satisfy our needs from supplying all materials, to a crew of excellent installation technicians. If only more of my projects went as well as this. Recommended!"

- John Howell, Architect & Telecoms Specialist, State of New York

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