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Cell Boosters for T-Mobile 5G: Limitations and Alternatives


Current FCC rules don't allow boosting of T-Mobile 5G bands. Read on to find out why, discover alternative ways of boosting T-Mobile 5G, and the best boosters that work with T-Mobile's 4G signal.

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T-Mobile 5G Signal Boosters: A Conundrum

Buying a traditional cell phone signal booster for T-Mobile is a bit of a conundrum.

If T-Mobile is still using their 4G LTE network in your area, then boosters can help. But T-Mobile has transitioned to 5G in most areas, and none of the boosters for sale in the US today are allowed to amplify T-Mobile’s two primary 5G bands.

That being said, you’re not completely without options. If you’re using a 5G gateway, or modem, then MIMO antennas can have a huge impact on your data rates.

For example, for customers of T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet service, a T-Mobile Home Internet external antenna can often improve data rates more than a traditional booster.

Why Signal Boosters Can’t Amplify T-Mobile 5G

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates and writes the rules that determine what boosters can be sold in the US. Unfortunately the FCC’s signal booster rules have only received tiny updates since they were originally implemented in 2014.

Two big things have changed since then: T-Mobile merged with Sprint, and 5G has largely replaced 4G across the country.

T-Mobile's 5G network operates on two newly licensed frequency bands: the 600 MHz band (n71) and the 2500 MHz band T-Mobile gained through the Spring acquisition (known as n41). 

But the FCC’s booster regulations are stuck in an era before these bands existed. As of 2024, boosters that can be certified for sale in the US can only boost the following bands:

  • 700 MHz (Band 12/13/17)
  • 800 MHz (Band 5)
  • 1900 MHz (Band 2)
  • 2100 MHz (Band 4)

Your Voice Matters: Contact Your Representatives

The FCC doesn’t even have a proceeding under way to begin thinking about what updating their rules for 5G would look like.

We’ve created a campaign here asking Congress and the President to urge the FCC to take action quickly.

It only takes 2 minutes: fill out the form and join us in pushing for updated signal booster rules for 5G.

An Alternative: Use MIMO Antennas

If you’re using a gateway, router, or modem for T-Mobile, you don’t need a signal booster. Instead, the best choice is to use an external 5G antenna.

Unlike the cell boosters on the market today, 5G antennas support all of T-Mobiles mid-band 5G frequencies. They also support “MIMO,” a technology that lets you squeeze out the very fastest data rates possible by using up to 4 antennas simultaneously to transmit data.

We have guides available that describe how to connect external antennas to your T-Mobile Home Internet Gateway waveform, as well as for a range of other modems and routers.


The QuadMini is our newest addition to our MIMO antenna line. It’s our simplest antenna to install since it doesn’t require aiming, and we offer it with a kit that includes a window-passthrough cable for installing outdoors. The biggest benefit usually comes from putting the antenna in a window – or even better, outside.

Easy install, No Aiming

Upgrade your 5G in minutes with no aiming, and four easy mounting options.


If you want the very best data rates, the QuadPro is your best bet. While it does require aiming towards the nearest towers, taking the time to do so nets you the fastest download and upload speeds possible.

Best performance, requires aiming

Aim QuadPro at your nearest tower for blazing data, even at the edges of cellular coverage.

Best Boosters for T-Mobile 4G LTE:

For Apartments, Homes, and Offices When Outdoor Signal is Weak

The GO X G32, a "single carrier" booster, stands out due to its ability to provide up to 100 dB gain, exceeding the typical 65 dB limit imposed by the FCC on broadband boosters. This increased gain is crucial if you’re looking to cover a larger home or office, or if signal outdoors is weak.

Key points about the Cel-Fi GO X for T-Mobile:

  • Impressive Gain: With a gain of up to 100 dB, the GO X outperforms other boosters, making it ideal for areas with weak outdoor T-Mobile signals.
  • Single Carrier Focus: As a "single carrier" booster, the GO X exclusively amplifies signals for T-Mobile.

Caveats to Note:

  • A minimum of 1 bar of 4G LTE signal outside with at least -115 dBm RSRP signal strength is required for effective operation.
  • It enhances the signal for one carrier at a time, specifically T-Mobile in this case.
best single carrier booster

With 100 dB of single-carrier gain, the GO X performs better than boosters that costs thousands of dollars more

Best Choice For Professional Installation:

For locations with a strong T-Mobile signal outside the building, we recommend the weBoost Installed Home Complete which includes professional installation. In situations with robust external signals, excessive gain is unnecessary. The key performance factor becomes the "downlink output power" of the chosen system.

Advantages of the weBoost Installed Home Complete over carrier-specific boosters like the Cel-Fi GO X for T-Mobile include:

  • Professional Installation: The weBoost Installed Home Complete comes with professional installation services, ensuring a hassle-free setup.
  • Carrier Compatibility: Unlike provider-specific boosters, the weBoost Installed Home Complete amplifies voice and data signals for all carriers, not limited to T-Mobile alone.

Key points about the weBoost Installed Home Complete for T-Mobile:

  • Manufactured by weBoost, formerly known as Wilson Electronics, a leading producer of cell phone signal booster kits.
  • Turnkey professional installation available across the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. After purchase, installation can be scheduled for a two-hour window that’s most convenient to you (often, as soon as the next day).
Best Choice For Professional Installation

Boost voice and data for all major US carriers. Covers up to 7,500 sq. ft. with strong outdoor signal.

Best Budget Booster For Small Homes and Apartments

If you’re budget-conscious, we recommend using the SureCall Fusion4Home with Yagi and Panel Antennas, which is currently priced at $549.99.

We recommend the Fusion4Home if:

  • Signal is relatively strong outdoors, and
  • You’re looking to cover a small apartment or part of a home

While the Fusion4Home is simple to set up, you shouldn’t expect a large coverage area. And it doesn’t include an LCD screen for troubleshooting.

Best Budget Booster For Small Homes and Apartments

Boost 3G/4G/LTE voice and data in homes up to 1,500 sq ft.

Our Top Pick for Vehicles:

For T-Mobile users who prioritize top-notch connectivity while on the move, the weBoost Drive Reach stands out as the premier choice. 

Its industry-leading 26 dBm uplink power, which is crucial for maintaining connections even when far from cell towers, ensures unmatched performance making it a reliable companion for in-vehicle use.

In-vehicle boosters, as regulated by the FCC, have a maximum gain of 50 dB. This means that while they're incredibly effective, they're not completely “wireless”. We recommend keeping your phone within a foot of the indoor antenna as well as hands-free calling for the best results.

Top Pick for Vehicles

Best performing broadband in-vehicle signal booster.

Best Enterprise-Grade Booster System:

The CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c is a smart booster system with robust monitoring and alarming, perfect for businesses seeking a robust cellular signal solution. 

This innovative system not only supports T-Mobile signals but also integrates CBRS private networking, ideal for enterprise environments.\ Much like the Go X, the Network Unit utilizes its 100 dB of gain to amplify the outdoor signal, feeding it into multiple Coverage Units through Cat6 cables instead of coax, allowing for better coverage scalability. 

You can't buy the QUATRA 4000 without working with one of our Signal Specialists, who will help you design a system to meet the building's needs. Simply reach out to us to get started.

Best Enterprise-Grade Booster System
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The First Combined Public and Private Cellular Coverage Solution.