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SureCall Tri-Flex Boosters for AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile

Here at RepeaterStore we’ve recently starting stocking a larger selection of products from the quality manufacturer SureCall. New to the line up is the SureCall Tri-Flex boosters. These boosters are tri-band, covering 3 distinct cellular bands. All of the Tri-Flex boosters has dual band 900/1800MHz technology – covering voice and 3G data on all networks in the USA and Canada. There are then 3 different Tri-Flex verisons:

  • SureCall Tri-Flex V has a 700MHz band covering Verizon’s LTE network
  • SureCall Tri-Flex A has a 700MHz band covering AT&T’s LTE network
  • SureCall Tri-Flex T has a 1700MHz band covering T-Mobiles AWS network

SureCall Tri-Flex

All 3 amps are available for shipping now! If you have any questions about which Tri-Flex amp is right for you then please contact us and we can help.

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