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Wilson Ultimate Repeater Kit, for all your large building needs!


Wilson Cellular’s 801280 AG Pro cell booster, the #1 amplifier we currently carry in regards to large building projects. With dozens of features, it’s no wonder as to why the 801280 is the premiere choice for large building installs and uses. Today, we’ll be going over the Wilson Ultimate page here on RepeaterStore, with an in-depth analysis and look of each of the components by popular request. We’ll also talk about installation briefly, where the mount the antenna and amplifier itself.

Starting from the top of your installation, you’ll have the outdoor antenna. Featured in these kit choices, are the 301202 Dual Band Omni-directional building antenna, and the 304411 High-gain Yagi Directional antenna. Both are excellent antennae, it’s mostly just a difference of application.

With the 301202 omni-directional antenna, it’s best in situations where you’re looking to cover multiple carriers, such as AT&T and Verizon simultaneously. The antenna is also omni-directional, meaning it’ll receive signal from all of the nearby cellular towers, ideal for situations where you’re unsure of where the nearest cellular tower or strongest signal is. Featuring a dB gain of 5-6, this makes the omni-directional antenna an exceptional choice for the exterior of your large building or home.

The above antenna is the 304411 high-gain yagi directional antenna. This antenna is superior to the 301202 in the sense that it has a higher dB gain of 9-10, and provides a stronger signal boost. However, with this antenna being directional, you’ll need to aim it in the direction of the cellular tower provider you’d like coverage from. This isn’t always easy, so there’s a few different ways you can find the direction of the nearest cellular tower. One way would be to download an Android application called OpenSignalMaps, and can be found in the Google Play store. An alternative would be to enter your location address on

Next, we have multiple lenghts of cable you’re able to choose from. On the drop-down menus of our website, you’re able to choose from 2′ to 100′. You’ll want to use the shortest lengths when possible due to signal loss and attenuation.

With these types of special cable, they’re significantly thicker than standard RG6 (TV cable). They’re also specially designed for ultra low loss, being called Wilson’s LMR400.

Next, we have the amplifier itself picture at the top of this page. There’s two adjustable gain dials, one for each of the frequency bands supported by the amplifier. This amplifier is currently the strongest, most powerful that we carry. We use it in installs and projects ranging from 10,000 sq ft to around 60,000 sq ft. These cellular amplifier systems are extremely versatile in the sense that you can adjust the gain to be lower if it’s too powerful, add in-line amplifiers or additional indoor antennae if you need extra coverage of specific areas.

Lastly, we have the indoor antennae. Again, there’s two different types here, the 301121 Indoor Dome antenna, and the 301135 Indoor Panel antenna.

The 301121 dome antenna is a ceiling mounted omni-directional antenna, best at broadcasting signal in all directions. These antennae area great in situations where you have a decent to strong signal outside of your home/building, simply due to the fact that these antennae don’t have the highest of dB gain. The range that these antennae broadcast at are strongly dependent on a dozen of other factors, such as signal strength going into the antenna, placement of the antenna, and if there are any brick/metal/solid concrete walls that the signal might be transmitting through.

The 301135 panel antenna are quite versatile, and typically what we recommend in most situations. These have a higher dB gain than the 301121 dome antenna, however these are directional much like the differences between the 304411 and the 301202. The 301135 can be mounted on the ceiling, or wall as shown in the diagrams below.


The above diagrams show optimal installation setups, with the antennae and amplifiers being placed in the preferred locations. If you’ve any questions regarding the Wilson Ultimate Repeater Kit, you’re more than welcome to contact us via the live chat window at the bottom right of the website, send us an e-mail, or give us a call!

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