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CM2500W Sprint 4G WiMAX Cellular Amplifier now available!

All new from Cellphone Mate, comes the CM2500W Sprint 4G WiMAX amplifier! The CM2500W cellular amplifier features a massive dB gain of 70, and is the only amplifier currently available for Sprint’s new ultra fast 4G WiMax network. With the CM2500W you’ll be able to boost Sprint WiMax signal over your home, office or warehouse. It will cover up to 15,000 sq ft, and will massively increase data download and upload speeds. Head over to the CM2500W product page and view the various kit customization options, tailoring the kit exactly to your needs!

Product Page: CM2500W

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range Uplink 2496-2690 MHz ; Downlink: 2496-2690 MHz
Model Number CM2500W
Amplifier connectors N Female
Impedance 50 ohms
Dimensions 7 x 4.8 x 1.2 inch
Weight 1.5 lbs
Passband Gain 70 dB
Max Power output 3 Watts EIRP
Noise Figure 5dB Maximum
Power Requirements Input: AC 110V, 60Hz; Output: DC 6V

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