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Wilson 806215 Adjustable Gain Amplifier

Wilson Electronics has just released a new cellular adjustable gain in-line amplifier, for use in larger systems or even as a direct connect amplifier. As a direct connect amplifier, you’d connect it directly to your cell phone or laptop data card via an adapter cable. We have adapter cables for most phone models – to check which one you need see our adapter cables page and check your phone/data card manufacturer. For in-line use, you have the freedom of placing it wherever you’ll want a strong signal boost – after long runs of cable, and/or splitters that reduce signal.

By using the Wilson 806215 as a direct connect or in-line amplifier, you can greatly increase your signal with a dB gain of 3 to 17. This amplifier is dual band, as well as having an adjustable gain meaning it’s compatible with all US networks both voice and data (except Nextel) and has two dials for each of the bands for precise tuning. The 806215 kit contents include the amplifier itself, a 12V DC power adapter (car charger), and the instructional manual. With the amount of dB gain from this cell phone booster, it makes it the ideal candidate for an in-line amplifier or direct connect booster.

Product Page: Wilson 806215 Adjustable Gain Amplifier

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