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RepeaterStore 4G Store – Boost 4G Speeds for phones and data cards now has a new section – a 4G booster store. All US networks are currently rolling out their new, high-speed 4G networks, and we hope to help you boost your data speeds.

Everyone can use a 4G booster

With signal for voice calls you don’t care if you get 2 bars or 5 – as long as you can make a call. With data speed any extra boost can increase your productivity and save you time. A 4G repeater from will increase everyone’s data speed – even if you have 4 bars you can increase your speed using one of our kits.

4G Boosters available

4G networks are new, with some already online and some in the works. We currently only have kits for two: T-mobile’s 3G/4G AWS network and Verizon’s 4G LTE network. We hope to bring amplifiers for AT&T’s 4G LTE network and Sprint’s 4G WiMax network later in the year.

For all 4G amplifiers see our 4G booster store.

4G Antennas available

If you only need a small increase in signal then a 4G antenna might be for you. When connected to a 4G data card antennas can increase broadband speeds quickly and cheaply.

All of our antennas compatible with 4G are on our 4G antenna store.

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