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Wilson 801280 AG Pro 75db Dual Band Amplifier

Wilson, the world leader in cell phone amplifiers is offering their most powerful amplifier to date: the Wilson 801280 AG Pro 75db Dual-Band Building amplifier!

It is the most powerful, dual-band amplifier of its kind to date. This 75db Dual Band Amplifier, when connected with antennas as a Repeater Kit boosts both the Cellular & PCS signal inside a building or large home.

The new 75db Dual Band Repeater Kit strengthens weak signals, eliminates dropped calls, and speeds up poor data rates. Since the Wilson AG Pro 801280 Wireless Dual-Band Building amplifier is a single amp, it will simplify installation as well by using only one cable from the outside
antenna to the amplifier inside. Once inside the building, multiple internal antennas can be utilized to distribute the amplified signal. Waveform will offer custom kits with different cable lengths and numbers of internal antennas .

As part of a kit, which includes an indoor and outdoor antenna and a cable, the Wilson 801280 can amplify a cell phone signal across an area of up to 30,000 square feet. Its extraordinary signal-boosting ability will provide robust coverage for up to 25 phones or data cards simultaneously.

The 801280 75db Dual-Band Repeater Kit is compatible with every major carrier (except Nextel) in the United States. In addition, by boosting the wireless signal, the new Wilson device will extend the battery life of your cell phone by allowing it to talk to an interior antenna at a 40ft distance instead of a cell tower 4 miles away.

For those that are seeking a cell booster kit with unparalleled performance and unrivaled versatility, the Wilson 75db Dual Band Repeater kit for large buildings is
an obvious 1st choice.

We currently are taking pre shipment orders and are looking to start delivery of the 75db Dual Band Repeater in January, 2011!

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