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Wi-Ex zBoost CI Active Antenna – More details

Here’s an update to the previous post on the upcoming Wi-Ex zBoost CI Active Antenna Amplifier. The Active Antenna Amplifier is going to be an inline amplifier, powered by a coax cable from an indoor AC/DC adapter. Its gain will range from 22dB at 800MHz to 30dB at 1900 MHz, powering the signal for up to 250′ of RG6 coaxial cable. The Active Antenna Amplifier is a self contained, inline unit, which is to be placed outside by the outdoor signal antenna and will be a perfect complement to the zBoost YX545 and the new zBoost CI YX745.

Benefits include:

  • Maximum indoor cell signal performance in signal-challenged homes, buildings, and demanding applications.
  • Contractors can provide their clients with improved level of service from a zBoost base unit with fewer or smaller external antennas and longer RG-6 cable runs – without degrading the cell signal.
  • Amplifier enables the signal to be split to 4 zBoost base units and still provide a higher quality and level of cell phone signal.
  • More distance covered and less degradation. Installers may now route the RG-6 where it is convenient (over 250 feet) rather than struggle to keep it under 75 feet.
  • Self configures with and receives DC power from zBoost CI coverage unit(s).

We look forward to receiving our first shipments of the zBoost Active Antenna Amplifier within 90 days and look forward to expanding your installers capability to place better cellular signal in areas that were, previously, too remote to cover.

Technical Specifications

Frequency compatibility: US PCS 1900 MHz Band
Uplink: 1850 – 1910 MHz
Downlink: 1930 – 1990 MHzUS Cellular 800/850 MHz Band
Uplink: 824 – 849 MHz
Downlink: 869 – 894 MHz
Gain 22dB at 800MHz
30dB at 1900MHz
Ultra-Linear Output: 3 Watts EiRP at 800MHz
3 Watts EiRP at 1900MHz
Mounting: Antenna Mount
Environmental: Outdoor rated (IP65) -30C to +70C
Power: Through coax from indoor, AC/DC adaptor, 12W max
Connectors: 3 F-type connectors for Power, Signal Input and Signal Output.

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