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Wi-Ex zBoost CI YX745 Pro Pack Dual Band Cellular/PCS Bi-Directional Repeater

zBoost CI YX745

Do you have a large, multi story home or a small office, spread out just enough to need more than the basic repeater kits available? You can choose a large building solution and have a  professionally installed system with the CI YX745 Amplifier kit to create a coverage area of up to 12000 square feet. The zboost CI YX745 is available to your professional installer to boost signal on both the 800Mhz and 1900 Mhz bands. The zBoost CI YX745 system includes the amplifier base unit, high gain yagi and panel signal antennas, high gain internal antenna, signal combiner and mounting hardware. Additional professional accessories are available.

  • The zBoost CI YX745 kit works with all US carriers except Nextel and T-Mobile 3G
  • Improves cell phone, smart phone and data card communication with your carrier
  • Eliminates most dropped or missed calls
  • Increases cell phone battery life because of the stronger signal

We don't have an estimated delivery date from Wi-Ex yet but hope to see this new product in the next few months!

Contact us at 800-761-3041 for updated info on all Wi-Ex equipment.

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