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Wilson 801262 DB PRO – New Antenna Options (301201, 301151, 301155)

The new Wilson 801262 DB PRO is a fantastic multi-purpose dual band amplifier that was recently released by Wilson. The amplifier is 75 ohm, and so requires 75 ohm antennas. Wilson have released 75 ohm versions of old favorites, to provide a range of choice when customizing your 801262. Here is a round-up of the newest additions:

Wilson 301201 Dual Band Building Antenna

The Wilson 301201 is a 75 ohm version of the 301202, which we covered in a previous post. The Wilson 301201 is a dual band antenna, suited for outdoor building installation. It’s omni-directional, so receives signal from all directions, and is the perfect exterior antenna option for the Wilson 801262.

Wilson 301155 Dual Band Panel Antenna

The Wilson 301155 is a 75 ohm version of the versatile Wilson 301135. The antenna is a directional panel antenna, which can be used as both the receiving antenna outside or as the broadcast antenna inside. It is directional, and so needs to be pointed towards the nearest cell tower when used outside, or pointed toward the area to provide coverage when used inside.

Wilson 301151 Indoor Ceiling Dome Antenna

The Wilson 301151 is a 75 ohm version of the most popular indoor antenna, the Wilson 301121. This is a broadcast antenna, which is placed after the Wilson 801262 to transmit the boosted signal. It is omni-directional, which means it broadcasts the signal in all directions. It should therefore be placed at the center of the area you wish to cover.

With all these options it can get a little confusing! If you have any questions at all then please give us a call on (800) 761-3041, or send us an email, and we can help design a kit to meet your needs.

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