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New Wilson Electronics Amplifiers and Antennas

Just an update to keep you informed of some of the latest products we are stocking from Wilson Electronics. Wilson have recently released some new antennas and cradles, which we have included below. We have also added some more kits of Wilson Amplifiers to suit a variety of different needs.

Wilson 301146 – Cell Phone Cradle Plus with Built-in Antenna

The Wilson 301146 Dual Band Phone Cradle Plus is a dual band phone cradle with a built-in antenna. Not only will it boost your cell phone signal, but it allows drivers to keep both hands on the wheel when using their phones, greatly increasing safety. Its designed for Wilson Mobile Wireless or SignalBoost amplifiers and is compatible with all cell phones.

Wilson 301202 Dual Band Building Antenna

The Wilson 301202 is a Dual Band Omni-Directional antenna for Wilson Amplifiers. It is the highest gain omni-directional antenna from Wilson Electronics. The antenna is made of fiberglass, and is fully weatherproof.

Wilson Electronics Dual Band Ultimate Repeater Kit II

The Wilson Ultimate II is an upgraded version of our popular Wilson Ultimate Repeater Kit. It includes the same original Wilson Ultimate configuration, but with an additional Pre-Amplifier Kit that adds an extra 15dB of gain, making this our most powerful repeater set up on our website. Each part of the kit is made up of the best equipment available, from the high gain Yagi antennas, to the 65 dB Wilson amplifiers. This kit can improve the signal over an area of up to 15,000 sq ft. and like all Dual Band repeaters, will cover all networks other than Nextel.

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