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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Signal Booster

Recently, SureCall introduced its Fusion7 booster. This product enhances 5-band wireless cellular signal and extends the range of a Wi-Fi network. As an added bonus it boosts HDTV signal. Three great reasons for upgrading a cellular signal booster to a newer technology!

The Fusion7 is ideal for use in large homes and small commercial buildings. One booster can fill up to 20,000 square feet of indoor coverage, depending on outside signal strength.

A few years ago, Waveform technicians installed a SureCall Fusion5s in my home. The Fusion5s installed in the attic, powered 2 panel antennas. The tile roof construction prevented installation of a mast for a donor antenna. Our solution? Careful location deployment of a Yagi antenna inside the attic.

The Fusion5s booster improved signal coverage in the upper level rooms. Reception was also good in the home office, family room and kitchen areas situated on the first floor. Signal coverage was weak in the spare bedroom, bathroom and the adjoining garages.

Installation of the Fusion7 improved cell coverage throughout the entire home, including the garage spaces!

My home is in a hilly area and signal coverage from Verizon and AT&T is weak. We connected the Fusion7 to the Yagi antenna inside the attic. To limit oscillation, sheet metal boxes covered each of 4 indoor panel antennas. The panels were positioned on the attic floor, and distributed signal throughout the 4,000 square feet, 2 story home.

Cell signals, Wi-Fi and HDTV reception are operating fine through the booster. However, the Wi-Fi range extender is not yet secured to the home network. To do so, requires an Ethernet connection from a laptop to the Fusion7.

I'll post an update on my experience programming the Wi-Fi extender later this month.

  • RepeaterStore says...

    Denny: You can absolutely use a product like the Fusion7 to get WiFi to your garage. Give us a call at 800-761-3041 and we’d be happy to discuss.

    On October 15, 2017

  • Denny Foster says...

    I have a new detached garage which is about 125 feet from my house. I want to have Echo so I can listen to music. My WiFi is through Charter and is weak to my garage what can I do?

    On July 06, 2017

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