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Announcing the Otto Pylot Guide to Cell Signal Boosters

Update: Version 1.3 of Otto's guide, with an updated troubleshooting section, was published June 3rd, 2018.

We're very excited to announce our collaboration with Otto Pylot to produce the brand new Otto Pylot Guide to Cellular Signal Boosters.

If you're new to signal boosters, or if you've installed one and encountered issues, we highly recommend checking out his thorough introduction to the technology.

Working with Otto Pylot has been a privilege. We've followed his writing ever since he first launched his excellent guide to AT&T's MicroCell, which has become something of a technical bible to users of that product.

The MicroCell Guide, which has gone through 9 revisions over the course of the last 5 years, currently clocks in at 34 pages. It was compiled based on Otto's first-hand experience with the device, as well as from over 10,000 posts made discussing user's issue on AT&T's support forums. The document covers not just how to setup the unit, but some of the subtleties of getting AT&T's femtocell device to work reliably.

As of December 31st, the AT&T MicroCell reached its End Of Life, and is now no longer being sold by AT&T. AT&T has said they will continue supporting the devices through the end of 2018, but Otto believes they will likely be shut down sooner.

With the MicroCell no longer available, AT&T is pushing users towards WiFi Calling. However, WiFi calling is only available for postpaid customers and only on AT&T-sanctioned devices. That leaves many users in the lurch. WiFi calling also relies on your WiFi signal being strong and reliable, which often isn't the case.

We reached out to Otto on AT&T's forums when we read his update about the device being discontinued and asked him to collaborate with us on writing a new guide. He kindly obliged, and wrote what is quite possibly one of the most thorough guides to the technology yet.

While we won't be replacing our own Signal Booster Guide with his, we will be strongly recommend it as required reading before buying or installing a booster to our customers. And we're looking forward to future revisions of the document as new boosters are released.

Give Otto's new guide a read!

  • Becky Woodworth says...

    Wow, great guide!

    On March 19, 2018

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