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FCC Filings Hint at Upcoming Wilson Pro 1000C (460042) Kit

A new filing made by Wilson Electronics on March 15th, 2018 shows basic details of an upcoming Wilson Pro model with FCC ID number PWO460042.

The FCC filing has a confidentiality request in place asking that the FCC not share photos or user manual information until the product has launched, so details on the product are scarce.

The filings do, however, reveal that the product will be available with 5 outdoor antenna kit options and 3 indoor antenna kit options. They also show that the unit achieves upwards of 15 dBm downlink output power on all bands, getting as close to the legal 17 dBm maximum as possible. That should mean for superior performance in many situations.

We've added a provisional product page here, and will be updating it as soon as new information is available about the new product. We're excited to see what the Wilson team has been working on!

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