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Tracking Removal Of Illegal Boosters on Amazon That Put Customers At Risk

Louise Matsakis at Wired just published a story about the proliferation of illegal, unlicensed signal boosters being sold on Amazon. Matsakis explains that "Amazon's Booster Bazaar" has little protections for customers, with multiple Chinese vendors listing products that are illegal for consumers to us.

Many of the Chinese vendors falsely claim in their product descriptions that their products have a valid FCC certification. For example, at the time of publication, the "Amazon's choice" is this "Anntlent" device. In the product description, the manufacturer claims the device has an FCC certificate. When we purchased a device to check, the unit even had an FCC ID number printed on the back. But the certification and ID were for a complete different device, one that amplifies different frequency bands. We were unable to find any valid FCC certificate for the device that we'd purchased despite extensive searching and posting a question publicly to the Amazon seller.

According to the FCC, consumers can be liable for "penalties in excess of $100,000" for using non-consumer certified devices. And selling non-certified devices is completely prohibited. At RepeaterStore, we carefully follow the FCC's Network Protection Standard and 2013 Rulemaking, and every device we sell is certified for consumers to use.

Amazon has told Wired that they will be removing offending sellers and devices from Amazon. We wanted to create a list of offending sellers to ensure that they actually follow through.

We'll update this list if/when the vendors are banned and the offending devices removed.

Amazon sellers listing illegal boosters as of 9/12 (will be updated weekly):

  • Jonesy says...

    Wow. Instead of wasting money on donut munchers harassing innocent people, just build more base stations. Simple as that.

    On November 16, 2019

  • H mur says...

    Ever since my new IT neighbor moved in I am now having intermittent connection to the cell tower and my phone additionally my next door neighbor who has spectrum Wi-Fi and I have Frontier Wi-Fi are continually getting knocked off line. can an illegal booster be the cause of this. this has happened only since this neighbor has moved in I have never had cell reception interruption til IT guy moved in and ive had phone service for 20 yrs

    On November 16, 2019

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