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Waveform Supports Title II Net Neutrality

Last week, the FCC released it's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking entitled "Restoring Internet Freedom," which would roll back the Title II Net Neutrality protections put in place under Chairman Tom Wheeler.

Waveform is a startup and a small business, and we rely on an open and net neutral Internet to be able to complete. We strongly believe that strict Net Neutrality should be enforced by the FCC, and the only that way is possible under the current regulator framework is through a Title II classification. 

By limiting the FCC’s ability to penalize ISPs for favoring or discriminating against particular sources of Internet traffic, the proposed new rules would harm users and innovators alike.

Enforcement of strict net neutrality is key to an open Internet. By limiting that enforcement, the FCC is putting the future of the open Internet at jeopardy. Staircase 3 strongly urges the bureau to end these rules, and maintain the existing Title II regime for enforcing net neutrality.

We submitted comments to the FCC reflecting our views, and encourage our customers to do the same.

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