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Consumer Cellular Cell Signal Booster Kits

Consumer Cellular frequency information


For Voice, 2G, and 3G service Consumer Cellular uses a mix of the standard 850 MHz and 1900 MHz blocks.  These are the same frequencies used by all major carriers nationwide so almost every kit we offer will cover these blocks.  Please refer to our booster kits labeled "dual band" for coverage on these networks, any dual or greater band repeater will cover these frequencies. 


For 4G LTE Consumer Cellular most often uses the AT&T network.  Most customers will find that any AT&T 4G LTE capable repeater will boost this network adequately, but those that travel or do not know their local frequencies should refer to our 5-band repeater systems.

About Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular is a post-paid mobile virtual network operator founded in 1995 that uses GSM 850 MHz & PCS 1900 MHz for Voice and 3G Data.  Its 4G devices most often use AT&T's LTE Band to provide 4G LTE data speeds.   One of Consumer Cellular's specialties is offering low priced entry rates to seniors and other low-usage users and their family packages.  By using a network of other carriers Consumer Cellular has taken their service nationwide.