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How to improve your cell phone reception

Are you experiencing weak cell signal coverage in a building, home or vehicle? 

A signal booster will improve reception, end dropped calls and extend battery power.  You get clear voice quality and longer wireless service from your phone or device.  

A signal booster system receives an outside signal and transmits it to an amplifier.  The boosted signal broadcasts within an enclosed space eliminating dead coverage zones.  Booster kits include antennas, amplifier and cables to connect the system. 

Set up is simple and easy. 

An outside antenna mounts on a roof and captures the cell tower signal.  The antenna connects via coaxial cable to a signal booster through the input port.  The powered booster connects via cable to an inside antenna.  This antenna distributes the signal in the enclosed space.  This system also works in reverse to send an amplified signal to the tower.

Choosing the right repeater system for your signal coverage needs is not complicated. First, understand your requirements.

  1. How strong or weak is the existing outside signal for your carrier or carriers? 
  2. Does the installation need Voice/3G or Voice/3G/4G LTE signal amplification?  
  3. What is the size of the area that requires signal coverage?

The performance of any repeater system begins with the outdoor signal level.  A strong outside signal is easier to amplify compared with a weak signal.  Inside coverage area in square feet will vary depending on the outdoor signal value.

All carriers use the same frequencies for Voice/3G networks.  All boosters will amplify these signals for most carriers. 4G LTE networks use different frequencies.  To select a 4G/ LTE signal booster, be sure the unit is specific to your desired network. 

Selecting a kit to provide coverage to your coverage area requires outside signal measurement.  Use an iPhone or Android to take a signal reading from a roof or the ground level.  A signal reading of -110 dB can boost to -90 dB and cover an area of approximately 2,500 sq. ft. indoors. provides signal booster kits for all types of building, home and vehicle applications.  We sell only FCC certified signal repeaters from reputable brands.  Since 2007, we have configured repeater solutions for businesses, professionals and consumers. 

Don’t hesitate to call us for help or to discuss your signal coverage needs.