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Cell Booster Solutions for SemaConnect EV Charging Stations

Brought to you by Waveform, in partnership with SemaConnect.

Waveform is the leading expert in boosting cell signal for EV charging stations. We've been designing cellular coverage solutions for over a decade. We know the technology better than anyone, and we've partnered with SemaConnect to make sure that your EV charger deployment happens without a hitch. Our team of dedicated signal specialists has designed and configured hundreds of tailored cellular coverage solutions for EV charging stations across the country.

Why Would Your SemaConnect EV Charger Need a Signal Booster?

Every time you plug in your vehicle to charge, the station communicates with SemaConnect's network via cellular signal. Without the ability to connect to their network online, your chargers can't set schedules, create reports, charge for electricity, or update their firmware.

Since most indoor parking garages are all concrete and often underground, getting cellular signal into the structure can be challenging. This is where signal boosters come in!

How Signal Boosters Work for EV Charging Stations

A cell signal booster works by amplifying the signal being sent between the charging stations and nearby cell towers. There are three main components:

  • The donor antenna is installed in an area with signal - typically the roof or outside of the building.

  • The amplifier is connected to the donor and indoor antennas by coaxial cable, and amplifies the cell signal.

  • The indoor antennas distribute signal to the charging stations.

Our Process

Our design approach is entirely centered around your application's needs. We have no preference for a certain manufacturer's equipment over another, and we have no affiliations with carriers. We'll simply design the best solution for your unique signal situation.

  1. Qualification:
    We'll guide you through taking some preliminary signal measurements to find out if a signal booster is needed at all. 

  2. Initial Recommendation and Estimate:
    If a booster is needed, we'll ask for floorplans for the building where you're installing the EV chargers. We'll recommend a solution and provide a budgetary estimate for the project within 24 hours.

  3. Site Survey:
    When you're ready to move ahead, we'll guide you through performing a simple survey of your cell signal to inform our design, and schedule a time to go over the details of the building.

  4. Design and Proposal:
    We'll complete your design within 3-5 business days and provide a detailed proposal. The proposal will include heatmaps, wiring diagrams,your full system design, and everything you need to complete the installation. 

Professional iBwave Design

We use industry-standard iBwave propagation modeling software when preparing each system design.  RF modeling is critical to guaranteeing performance and ensures that coverage will be adequate for all the EV chargers deployed on the premises.

Support from Seasoned Experts

This is our speciality. We take what we do seriously, and will ensure that your project happens without a hitch. Once you're ready to install, our experts are always on hand to guide you through the process. We'll make the install process as painless as possible.

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"SemaConnect has partnered with Waveform to provide customers with world class support and expertise to deliver reliable cellular signal solutions for SemaConnect Charging Stations."

- Peter Fisher, Senior Project Manager, SemaConnect Inc.
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