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Cel-Fi QUATRA 2000 Signal Booster System

by Cel-Fi

Powerful Dual-Carrier In-Building Enterprise Hybrid DAS

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Home User? Consider the Cel-Fi GO X

If you're in a building smaller than 10,000 square feet, consider using the Cel-Fi GO X instead.

The GO X is the QUATRA's smaller cousin, and is often a better solution for home installs. It offers the same industry leading 100 dB gain, monitoring and control via a Bluetooth app, and DIY friendly installation at a fraction of the cost of the enterprise-ready QUATRA.

See the Cel-Fi GO X  

Product Description

The Cel-Fi QUATRA 2000 is a powerful enterprise-level in-building cellular distributed antenna system (DAS). It is a cost-efficient and easy-to-deploy signal solution for medium to large buildings. Each individual signal booster system (which includes 1x Network Unit and 4x Coverage Units) can cover up to 50,000 sq. ft. The QUATRA 2000 boosts 3G/4G/LTE voice and data on up to two bands simultaneously from two operators.

The QUATRA 2000 operates by capturing the signal from the outside macro networks, boosting them, and relaying their signals indoor from the coverage units. It is a hybrid solution that combines the best of active DAS and Smart Booster technologies. The system is self-configuring and self-optimizing, offering the easiest installation in its class via the Cel-Fi WAVE Portal.

The Cel-Fi WAVE Platform is a cloud-based remote management platform that enables device management and maintenance of Cel-Fi systems. Key features of the WAVE platform include:

  • Cel-Fi device and asset management
  • Data modeling and reporting
  • Mobile and desktop applications. The WAVE mobile app facilitates ease of use on site
  • Globally trusted carrier-grade security
  • Alerts and alarms can be used as recommended settings or customized however users prefer.
  • The WAVE Platform portal can be accessed through the dashboard interface, or integrated via APIs. 

Active DAS Hybrid

The QUATRA 2000 is available in two dual-carrier combinations: AT&T and Verizon; or Sprint (FDD data only) and T-Mobile. This provider-specific operation ensures that the system distributes and boosts service only for the two operator networks for which it is authorized and configured.

A wideband omni-directional MIMO antenna provides the outdoor cellular donor signal. Coverage is provided via Power over Ethernet (PoE); this means that no separate power supply is needed for the Coverage Units. Dynamic gain control in the Network Unit ensures maximum gain and the best coverage at all times in changing RF environments, without any need for administrator intervention.


The standard QUATRA 2000 kit includes one Network Unit and four Coverage Units. Optional additional accessories are also available.

QUATRA 2000 Network Unit (NU)

The Cel-Fi QUATRA 2000 Network Unit (NU) is the hub of the system.  The scalable design works with one to four Coverage Units to provide up to 50,000 sq ft. of coverage. The NU receives signal from the donor antenna and provides power to up to four Coverage Units. It can be managed by the WAVE Cloud Platform for Remote Monitoring. A standard kit includes one NU.

QUATRA 2000 Coverage Unit (CU)

The Cel-Fi QUATRA 2000 Coverage Unit (CU) is the remote radio head of the system that rebroadcasts the donor signal. Each CU provides coverage in the QUATRA 2000 system (up to four per Network Unit). Each CU is powered by Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) from the Network Unit. A standard kit includes four CUs.

Donor Antenna

The Wideband Omni-Directional MIMO Antenna is perfect for use as an outdoor cellular donor signal source. It has 2.5 - 5 dBi of gain. It has 2 x 2m lengths of QMA (quick connect) cable attached with right angle QMA male connectors.

QUATRA Range Extender (QRE)

The Cel-Fi QUATRA Range Extender is an optional accessory that extends the maximum distance between the NU and the CU. It allows NU-to-CU cable lengths of up to 200 meters (650 ft.) The QRE is a Power over Ethernet (PoE) device (no separate power supply or PoE injector needed).


Cel-Fi warranties all of their amplifiers, antennas, and RF components for 2 years against any workmanship or material defects.

Read more about Cel-Fi’s warranty policy here.


The different models of this product support different frequencies:

Networks: AT&T & Verizon
Supported frequency bands (MHz): Only AT&T and Verizon LTE: 698-716 / 728-746 / 746-757 / 776-787 / 824-849 / 869-894 / 1850-1910 / 1930-1990 / 1910-1915 / 1990-1995 / 1710-1755 / 2110-2155
Carrier Supported services Unsupported services
Verizon 4G LTE 2G/3G Voice + Data
AT&T 2G/3G Voice + Data 4G LTE
Sprint 2G/3G Voice + Data 4G LTE
T-Mobile 2G/3G Voice + Data 4G LTE
Networks: Sprint and T-Mobile
Supported frequency bands (MHz):
Carrier Supported services Unsupported services
Verizon 2G/3G Voice + Data 4G LTE
AT&T 2G/3G Voice + Data 4G LTE
Sprint 2G/3G Voice + Data 4G LTE
T-Mobile 2G/3G Voice + Data 4G LTE


SKU ATTV Q34-4/5/12/13/25 NU_EXA + 4 x Q34-4/5/12/13/25 CU_EXA
STMOB Q34-4/5/12/13/25 NU_EXA + 4 x Q34-4/5/12/13/25 CU_EXA
Frequency Only AT&T and Verizon LTE: 698-716 / 728-746 / 746-757 / 776-787 / 824-849 / 869-894 / 1850-1910 / 1930-1990 / 1910-1915 / 1990-1995 / 1710-1755 / 2110-2155
Impedance 50 ohm
Connector type QMA Female
Cable type Ethernet

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