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by: Cel-Fi


by: Cel-Fi


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Product Description

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The Cel-Fi QUATRA RED by Nextivity is a public safety ERRCS solution. The QUATRA RED Class A is available at the end of September 2020 and the Class B is available at the end of November.

The QUATRA RED is a complete solution for First Responders. Each component is fully compliant with current International Fire Code (IFC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. It offers channelized support for FirstNet.

The QUATRA RED offers 56 individually configurable channels on the Class A unit and 28 channels with 100Khz and 150kHz bandwidth options on the Class B variant (700MHz and 800MHz). It supports four cellular LTE bands (4, 12, 25, 14) with 1W downlink per Coverage Unit (CU). It has with individual donor ports for ideal performance and coverage. It is a UL2524-listed public safety repeater solution that includes both Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and FirstNet. 

The QUATRA RED includes everything needed to gain a Certificate of Occupancy, including a Communications and Battery Backup unit, a Remote Annunciator Panel, and an Emergency Power-Off Switch (EPO) that can be located with the main components or easily placed in a remote location with other fire alarm gear. It includes all standard alarms, supports all NFPA and IFC-required monitoring, and connects to Nextivity’s carrier-grade, SOC 2 (Type 1)-certified WAVE portal for on-demand remote monitoring.


Cel-Fi has a number of options for providing improved coverage for FirstNet and ERRCS. All of Cel-Fi's systems offer 100 dB of gain.

There are a few main differences between each of these options:

  1. The Cel-Fi QUATRA RED is a commercial or enterprise grade "Hybrid DAS" that can provide coverage up to 200,000 sq ft. It supports all ERRCS frequencies, and is a full-scale public safety DAS for NFPA/ICF requirements, as well as FirstNet.
  2. The Cel-Fi GO RED is a consumer or commercial grade signal booster, designed for deployments to provide improved FirstNet coverage in buildings up to 15,000 sq ft.
  3. The Cel-Fi QUATRA 1000 FN is a similar booster to the QUATRA RED, but provides improved coverage for FirstNet only.

If you're unsure about which system is best suited to your needs, feel free to reach out to our team of signal specialists.


QUATRA RED Network Unit

The QUATRA RED Network Unit (NU) processes FirstNet and LMR off-air signals digitally to provide reliable and interference-free coverage.

QUATRA RED Coverage Unit

Each QUATRA RED Coverage Unit (CU) amplifies FirstNet and LMR signals up to 24 dBm and 30 dBm output power.

QUATRA RED Monitor & Battery Backup Unit

The Monitor and Battery Backup Unit (MBBU) is the central point of the QUATRA RED system. It provides constant direct current, alarming, monitoring and battery charging capabilities. The unit has a wireless LTE modem and a wired Ethernet port for remote access to all other system components, using the Cel-Fi WAVE Portal or the WAVE PRO app. The MBBU is NEMA 4 rated and UL2524 compliant. Two versions are available to optimize power requirements and installation costs.

QUATRA RED Remote Annunciator Panel

The QUATRA RED Remote Annunciator Panel provides automatic supervisory signals for malfunctions of the ERRCS solution. The Power over Ethernet architecture enables quick installation and configuration. The unit includes a FORM-C cable compatible with any fire alarm control panel (open or short circuits). It is NEMA 4 rated and complies with Chapter 10 of NFPA 72 and section 9.6.13 of NFPA 1221.

QUATRA RED Emergency Power-off Switch

The QUATRA RED Emergency Power Off Switch (EPO) can instantly shut down the ERRCS solution from a single point to eliminate the risk of combustion caused by electricity or static. This feature is designed to prevent inadvertent operation and can be installed in any location designated by the authority having jurisdiction.


Cel-Fi warranties all of their amplifiers, antennas, and RF components for 2 years against any workmanship or material defects.

Read more about Cel-Fi’s warranty policy here.


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