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Wilson Pro launches new line of professional-grade boosters

Wilson Pro launches new line of professional-grade boosters

Wilson Electronics (who also make the weBoost line of consumer repeater kits) have launched their Wilson Pro brand, a new line of powerful, flexible, professional-grade cell phone signal boosters.

Wilson Pro booster systems use antennas and an amplifier to capture available cell signals outside a building, boost those signals and then redistribute the amplified signals inside the building, ensuring reliable coverage even inside buildings where signals previously were weak or unavailable. Wilson Pro boosters work with all cell service providers in the U.S. and Canada, boosting voice and data services, including 4G LTE, for all phones and cellular-enabled devices. Both products are covered by a three-year warranty and are certified by the Federal Communication Commission and Industry Canada.

The Wilson Pro product line is aimed at large commercial and industrial applications. It’s particularly good for customers who need coverage across a large area, or buildings where construction materials like concrete or steel prevent signal from travelling through walls and floors.

Their patented self-optimizing Automatic Gain Control design minimizes installation time and automatically adjusts to any change in cell signal conditions, increasing or decreasing the required level of boost for any individual carrier’s signal as needed. Because environmental changes, such as rain, can affect the boosting level inside a building, the Pro line helps businesses avoid frequent adjustments to their cell booster settings so they can spend more time on work and less time on company tech issues.

The new uplink and downlink LCD power display simplifies installation by making it easy to determine the direction of the cell tower and the strength of the available signal.

There are five product options available presently - the Wilson Pro 70 (50 ohm or 75 ohm), the Wilson Pro 70 Plus (50 ohm or 75 ohm) and the Wilson Pro 70 Plus Select.

Pro 70 Plus

The Pro 70 Plus provides the maximum downlink (cell tower to device) power of any competing solution available and so allows for more expansive indoor signal coverage area. Wilson petitioned the FCC to allow them to increase the maximum permissible downlink power for the signal received from the cell phone tower. This means that the new Pro 70 Plus amplifier can receive an outside signal up to 12 dBm stronger than the usual. Accordingly, the Pro 70 Plus can offer a much larger internal coverage area.

Pro 70 Plus Select

The Pro 70 Plus Select further improves on the Wilson Pro’s sophisticated gain control system. The intelligent automatic gain control automatically adjusts the independent frequency bands to the optimal level, while installers also have the ability to manually override this and adjust the uplink and downlink independently for each band.


The Wilson Pro product line is not available to be sold online directly to consumers. The Wilson Pro is designated an Industrial-class booster by the FCC and may only be sold as part of a custom-designed solution. The system must be installed by professional installers. RepeaterStore has years of experience designing and supporting custom installations. We can provide all customers with custom design services, including determining the need for the Wilson Pro 70 Plus or Wilson Pro 70 Plus Select expansion kits which are available for large scale installations.

You can see the full range of Wilson Pro booster kits here. Please contact us by calling 800-761-3041 or using this form if you're interested in purchasing this unit.

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