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New SureCall Fusion4Home Max With Outdoor Amplifier

surecall fusion4home max

A new filing made by SureCall on June 30th, 2021 with the FCC details an upcoming consumer booster from SureCall: the Fusion4Home Max.

We don't have official spec sheets or details from Surecall yet, but we're quite excited by what we see in the user manual that was published online as part of the filing.

Dual-Stage Amplifier: A First For Consumers

The Fusion4Home Max has a feature that we haven't seen in any consumer-grade device up until now: a dual-stage amplifier with an outdoor amplifier unit.

Up until now, the only device to offer a dual-stage amplifier was the Wilson Pro 1050. That unit is designed for use in commercial settings, and can only be sold as part of a custom-designed solution.

The Fusion4Home Max brings a similar technology to the wider market: an exciting first.

Why Dual-Stage Amplifiers Matter

A dual-stage amplifier provides two main benefits: On the downlink path, it allows the signal booster to capture and amplify weaker signals; on the uplink path, it guarantees that the maximum output power is transmitted back to the tower.

Additionally, the dual-stage amplifier allows a user to run a longer cable between outdoors and indoors, or use a lower grade cable without incurring a greater loss.

More Details To Come

We don't know much about the Fusion4Home Max - though the product is clearly based on the popular Fusion4Home booster. For example, we don't know the exact price of the unit as of yet. We also don't know how much longer the cable between the indoor and outdoor units can be made.

We'll update this page as soon as we have more information. We're excited to see what the SureCall team has been working on!

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