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Wilson launches the Pro 1050, the first Inline Signal Booster

Wilson launches the Pro 1050, the first Inline Signal Booster

This week, Wilson Pro launched their new inline signal booster, the Pro 1050. This is a really exciting development for commercial signal boosters. The Pro 1050 is the first FCC- and carrier-approved inline amplifier system. We think it’s going to be a vital part of some passive DAS applications.

Since February 2013, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has limited consumer signal boosters to strictly defined technical parameters. These parameters include limits on downlink power and system gain, and are designed to ensure that amplifiers don’t interfere with the existing cellular network. For most powerful booster systems, these regulations still allow for great coverage even when existing outside signal is very weak.

There are some circumstances however where getting the maximum coverage possible is made harder by factors like building layout. Attenuation, or signal loss, occurs as a result of long cable runs. As cell signal moves over long lengths of coaxial cable, some signal is lost, reducing the signal booster system performance. The 1050 booster system addresses this technical problem by utilizing a unique dual-amplifier system. This is composed of two separate boosters - the main signal amplifier and a supplementary inline amplifier.

The two amplifiers work together to determine the signal loss along the cable run and the inline amplifier then boosts the signal to compensate. The system can compensate for up to 300 feet of cable. The Pro 1050 has been tested and approved by the FCC to compensate for cable-run attenuation without exceeding the maximum-allowed system gain. There are restrictions on the use of the 1050 - the inline booster only works with the Wilson Pro 1050, and cannot work as a standalone booster. The inline booster also cannot work with any other cell signal booster. The 1050 system is modular, so installations can use more than one unit if needed, but the signal between the dual amplifiers cannot be split, filtered, or interrupted in any way. FCC regulations prohibit any sale or distribution of the inline booster except as part of the WilsonPro 1050 system.

We think the new Pro 1050 is going to be a great asset to our passive DAS toolset. There are so many circumstances where building layout and long cable runs risk limiting boosted signal. The Pro 1050 will make installations in multi-story buildings (especially basements and underground parking garages) much easier. It will also be a great potential solution for very large buildings like warehouses.

It’s great to see a groundbreaking new product like this come to market. The Wilson Pro 1050 boosts 2G/3G/4G/LTE voice and data on all US and Canadian cellular networks. The Wilson Pro line is not available to purchase directly online, so please call us at (800) 761-3041 to discuss your in-building signal coverage needs and receive a free quote.

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