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WilsonPro Enterprise 1300R Signal Booster Kit (460150)

by: Wilson

Powerful professional-grade three-antenna-port signal booster system
WilsonPro Enterprise 1300R Signal Booster Kit (460150)
WilsonPro Enterprise 1300R Signal Booster Kit (460150)
WilsonPro Enterprise 1300R Signal Booster Kit (460150)
WilsonPro Enterprise 1300R Signal Booster Kit (460150)
WilsonPro Enterprise 1300R Signal Booster Kit (460150)
WilsonPro Enterprise 1300R Signal Booster Kit (460150)
WilsonPro Enterprise 1300R Signal Booster Kit (460150)
WilsonPro Enterprise 1300R Signal Booster Kit (460150)

by: Wilson

WilsonPro Enterprise 1300R Signal Booster Kit (460150)

Powerful professional-grade three-antenna-port signal booster system

The manufacturer of this product does not allow it to be sold online.

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Product Description

The WilsonPro Enterprise 1300R is a powerful rack-mounted signal booster system with three outdoor antenna ports. It boosts 2G/3G/4G/LTE signal on all major North American carriers.

The Pro Enterprise 1300R is a rack-mounted signal booster with up to 26 dBm in uplink power and 17 dBm in downlink power. It has a 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen. Depending on existing signal and building conditions, it can maximize indoor cell coverage up to 40,000 square feet.

The three outdoor antenna ports allow the WilsonPro Enterprise 1300R to target multiple cell towers, in different directions, at once. This Multi-Tower Targeting (MTT) means that installers can use up to three different outside antennas to capture existing cell signal. In challenging signal environments, different carriers may give the strongest signal from different directions.

The Pro 1300R allows users to point antennas in different directions to maximize signal quality. In situations that don’t require multiple outdoor antennas, the booster can use “common mode” to maximize indoor coverage with a single outdoor antenna.

The Enterprise 1300R, like all of the latest Wilson products, uses Wilson Electronics XDR (Extended Dynamic Range) technology to balance and compensate for strong incoming signal to prevent system shutdowns. 

The WilsonPro Enterprise 1300R also connects to the WilsonPro Cloud service.

WilsonPro Cloud Service

WilsonPro Cloud Service Integration for Pro 1000CThe WilsonPro Cloud Service allows users to remotely control and monitor the Enterprise 1300R. Users can:

  • Remotely reset the amplifier
  • Enable and disable specific frequency bands
  • Generate reports & view performance histories
  • Organize monitored amplifiers by location
  • Use the antenna tuning tool to optimize outdoor antenna location and direction

Additionally, the WilsonPro Cloud Service allows users to set up customizable email and SMS text alert notifications for these events:

  • Amplifier offline or unable to communicate with Cloud Service
  • Oscillation (feedback) detected
  • Weak or no signal detected

5 Critical Tips for the WilsonPro Enterprise 1300R:

1. Take signal measurements before you buy

The WilsonPro 1300R can cover up to an area of up to 40,000 square feet, but only if your outdoor signal is strong enough. This isn't true for just the Enterprise 1300R, but across the board for all signal boosters.

We strongly recommend measuring your outdoor signal and speaking to our team of Signal Experts before you purchase. Our Signal Experts can help guide you to the best solution based on your signal conditions.

2. Getting your outdoor antenna positioned correctly is critical

As we explain in our Signal Booster Guide, the bars on your phone are more than just signal strength. Signal quality is absolutely critical.

The only way to improve the signal quality coming into your booster is getting the outdoor antenna positioned correctly. Our team of Signal Experts can help guide you as you install the Enterprise 1300R.

3. Consider the WilsonPro 4300 and the WilsonPro 1300

The WilsonPro Enterprise 4300 covers up to 100,000 square feet and comes with three outdoor antenna ports and four indoor antenna ports.

The WilsonPro Enterprise 1300 is identical to the Enterprise 1300R, except that it comes in a wall-mount case.

4. Consider the Cel-Fi QUATRA 2000

The Cel-Fi QUATRA 2000 targets a similar market to the WilsonPro line, however it is a carrier-specific system that the FCC allows to utilize up to 100 decibels gain. The extra gain means the QUATRA  works better in remote areas with very weak outdoor signal. The QUATRA also uses ethernet cable in place of coaxial cable.

It's not all upside, though. The QUATRA 2000 has both benefits and disadvantages. For example, each unit only works with 2 carriers at a time, so you need two sets for 4-carrier coverage. Additionally, installation can be a little more complicated than the WilsonPro products.

5. The WilsonPro Enterprise 1300R is designed to be part of a custom-designed system

There's a reason that Wilson doesn't allow these units to be sold online: they're supposed to be designed into a custom system, with multiple antennas, splitters, couplers, and custom-length cables.

We offer complimentary design services using the industry-standard iBwave in-building design software. Simply contact our Signal Specialists and we'll chat through your building and requirements and help put together a custom solution for you. 

Kit Customization

The WilsonPro Enterprise 1300R is best when customized for a specific building. Our signal experts can create a design from scratch for any building to make sure the amplifier delivers the best possible performance.

Get in touch with one of our Signal Specialists by clicking the live chat button in the bottom right of the screen, calling us at 1-800-761-3041, or using our contact form.

Standard Kit Contents

The standard WilsonPro Enterprise 1300R kit includes the following components:


WilsonPro warranties all of their products for 3 years and all of their amplifier and/or a complete approved bill-of-materials (BOM) for 5 years against any workmanship or material defects.

Read more about WilsonPro’s warranty policy here.

How it works

1 - Outdoor antenna

The outdoor antenna receives and transmits signal to nearby cellphone towers. Outdoor antennas can be either directional or omni-directional.

2 - Cellular amplifier

The amplifier (or "repeater") boosts the signal coming to and from and going to the cell phone tower. The "gain" of the amplifier describes how strong the amplification is - you'll see that word scattered across our product pages.

3 - Indoor antenna

The indoor antenna rebroadcasts the signal inside the building. Some kits have more than one indoor antenna to help distribute the signal.

how a cell phone booster works


The coverage area you can expect from any signal booster kit depends on the signal strength outside the building.

Outdoor Signal Estimated coverage area
Strong outdoor signal (5 bars) up to 40,000 sq. ft. coverage
Medium outdoor signal (3-4 bars) up to 25,000 sq. ft. coverage
Weak outdoor signal (1-2 bars) up to 15,000 sq. ft. coverage


Like almost all of our products, the WilsonPro Enterprise 1300R Signal Booster Kit (460150) can be installed by anyone who feels comfortable doing simple home repairs and running cabling. If you’re not comfortable doing that kind of work, you might consider finding a local electronics installer or asking a friend.

Unlimited free technical support:

Anytime you purchase from Waveform, you get unlimited free technical support from our signal experts. Whether it’s installing a kit or troubleshooting a problem, we’re here. In over 11 years of being in business we’ve helped over 25,000 customers install kits and improve their signal.

Have a question now? Call us from 7am to 5pm PST: 1-800-761-3041.


SKU 460150
Coverage 15000 sq ft (1 coverage with weak signal)
25000 sq ft (2 coverage with medium signal)
40000 sq ft (3 coverage with strong signal)

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