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New weBoost Home MultiRoom Booster (470144)

Update 09/2019: The weBoost Home MultiRoom has now launched and is live for sale on our site. Check out our product page for more information on the kit. And weBoost caught us off-guard by also launching the weBoost Home Complete at the same time. 

A new weBoost Home product, the "weBoost Home MultiRoom," has recently gained approval from the Federal Communications Commission.

This new kit, marked with Wilson part number 470144, is exciting because the FCC reports show particularly impressive specifications. The unit offers around 22 dBm of uplink output power, 10 dBm of downlink output power, and between 61 dB and 70 dB of gain (depending on the frequency band).

These specs but the unit at the very top-end of consumer-focussed home booster kits. While the unit doesn't offer as much gain or power as the newly-released Wilson Pro 1100, we expect the price point of the Home Multi-Room 470144 to be considerably lower for comparable performance.

The photos shown in the FCC report appear to be F-type connectors, meaning that the unit could be installed with low-cost RG-6 or RG-11 cable. While this would hamper the product's performance compared to higher grade 400-type cable, it would make it an ideal fit for the consumer market.

There's been no announcement from the team at weBoost about the product yet, but we'll update this post when an announcement is made. Based on FCC submissions, the unit appears to have two F-type connectors. It's not yet clear if weBoost will replace their popular weBoost Home 4G, weBoost Connect 4G, or perhaps the Connect 4G-X with this new unit. It's also not yet clear what accessories this unit will be packaged with. If you asked us to guess, we'd expect that with the unit's high gain and downlink output power levels, it would most likely replace the Connect 4G-X.

Here's a photo of the back of the new device, included with the FCC filing (not the best photo, unfortunately!):

weBoost Home Multi-Room

With new consumer-grade products from HiBoost, SureCall, and particularly the Cel-Fi GO X challenging weBoost's long-held dominance in the home booster space, we're glad to see a new entrant in the space. We'll update this post once the device is officially launched by the Wilson/weBoost team!

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