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Boost 2G/3G voice signals as well as 4G LTE signals for all major US and Canadian carriers with the weBoost Home Complete. Covers up to 7,500 sq. ft. with strong outdoor signal.
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Product Description

The new weBoost Home Complete boosts signal on all US and Canadian cell carriers (including 4G LTE), up to a maximum of 7,000 square foot. It replaces the weBoost Connect 4G-X in weBoost home signal booster lineup.

The Home Complete offers up to 72 dB maximum gain. It also features up to 24 dBm in uplink-output power, allowing the unit to reach cell towers up to 26% further away than the weBoost Home MultiRoom. With strong existing outdoor signal, the Home Complete will boost signal across an entire large home (up to about 7,500 square feet).

The Home Complete adds support for Sprint's Band 25 service, unlike the previous generation Connect 4G-X.

The Home Complete features an attractive new booster unit. The booster is made of  anodized and powder-coated aluminum and discreet wall-mount brackets are included for both the booster unit and the new fabric indoor antenna. 

The Home Complete is a 75 ohm booster system, which means it uses F-Type connectors.

6 Important Tips for the weBoost Home Complete:

1. Determine your signal need before you buy

The weBoost Home Complete can boost up to 7,000 square feet with strong existing signal, or about 4,000 square feet with moderate signal conditions. How large is the area you need to cover? If it is less than 4,000 square feet, and existing signal is moderate to strong, you may find the weBoost Home MultiRoom ($549.99) meets your needs better. The Home MultiRoom covers up to 5,000 square feet with strong existing signal and 3,000 square feet with moderate signal.

2. Consider a stronger booster

The weBoost Home Complete will boost up to a maximum of 7,000 square feet, but this is with very strong existing outdoor signal and optimal indoor antenna conditions. If you have a large coverage area and/or very weak existing signal you may want to invest in a more powerful booster to get the results you need. The Wilson Pro 70 Plus ($1,099.99) can cover up to 20,000 square feet.

3. How many networks do you need to boost?

The weBoost Home Complete is a multi-carrier booster. This means that no matter what cell network your household or visitors use, their signal will be boosted and improved by the Home Complete.

4. Get outside antenna signal right

We strongly recommend conducting a site survey to accurately measure your outside signal strength before you purchase. You’ll also need to figure out the direction of your nearest cell tower. The outside antenna should be positioned towards it. Getting the outside antenna placement correct is the key step in using your booster system effectively.

5. Decide on indoor antenna placement

Once the cellular signal is coming in via the outside antenna and being boosted via the repeater unit, optimum indoor antenna placement is key. You’ll need to consider whether dome-style or panel-style antennas suit your home best. Once you’re happy with the set up don’t be afraid to drill holes for cables - short cable runs improve performance.

5. Contact us to customise your kit

This kit includes one indoor antenna but for larger coverage areas that won’t be enough to get signal everywhere you need. Contact our Signal Specialists to customise your booster system and get any additional cables, splitters, and antennas you might need for your space.

Kit Contents

  • Home Complete
  • Outside Directional Antenna (314445)
  • Fabric Inside Panel Antenna (314440)
  • Power Supply (850018)
  • 60’ + 75’ Black RG11 cable (951160) (951175)
  • Cable Mounting Clips (x15)
  • Outside Antenna Mounting Bracket
  • Wall Mount Brackets w/Command Strips

Outdoor Antenna

The outdoor antenna provided with the Home Complete is a directional yagi antenna (314475), which needs to be pointed in the direction of the nearest cell phone tower. That antenna should be installed on an exterior wall or roof. The antenna sends the signal via a coaxial cable to the amplifier, which boosts the signal before sending it to the indoor antenna to be broadcast around your home or office.

Indoor Antenna

The indoor antenna included in this kit is the new weBoost 314440 fabric panel antenna. It features a built-in kickstand and stylish fabric cover. It is accompanied by a wall mount bracket. Panel antennas redistribute signal inside the building and collects signal from cell phones to be sent to the cell tower. 

How it works

how a cell phone booster works
1 - Outdoor antenna

The outdoor antenna receives and transmits signal to nearby cellphone towers. Outdoor antennas can be either directional or omni-directional.

2 - Cellular amplifier

The amplifier (or "repeater") boosts the signal coming to and from and going to the cell phone tower. The "gain" of the amplifier describes how strong the amplification is - you'll see that word scattered across our product pages.

3 - Indoor antenna

The indoor antenna rebroadcasts the signal inside the building. Some kits have more than one indoor antenna to help distribute the signal.


The coverage area you can expect from any signal booster kit depends on the signal strength outside the building.

Outdoor Signal Estimated coverage area
Strong outdoor signal (5 bars) up to 7,500 sq. ft. coverage
Medium outdoor signal (3-4 bars) up to 4,000 sq. ft. coverage
Weak outdoor signal (1-2 bars) up to 2,000 sq. ft. coverage


Like almost all of our products, the weBoost Home Complete 470145 can be installed by anyone who feels comfortable doing simple home repairs and running cabling. If you’re not comfortable doing that kind of work, you might consider finding a local electronics installer or asking a friend.

Unlimited free technical support:

Anytime you purchase from Waveform, you get unlimited free technical support from our signal experts. Whether it’s installing a kit or troubleshooting a problem, we’re here. In over 11 years of being in business we’ve helped over 25,000 customers install kits and improve their signal.

Have a question now? Call us from 7am to 5pm PST: 1-800-761-3041.

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SKU 470145
Coverage 2000 sq ft (1 coverage with weak signal)
4000 sq ft (2 coverage with medium signal)
7500 sq ft (3 coverage with strong signal)

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