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New Wilson Pro 4300 and 4300R 4-Port Enterprise Booster Systems

Update 8/20/19: the Wilson Pro 4300 and Wilson Pro 4300R are now live! Everything we guessed about these two products and their innovative 3-donor antenna design was accurate, and the new units are in stock and ready to ship. See our product pages for more information and product photos.

Well, the team at Wilson has certainly been busy! In addition to the weBoost Home Multi-Room that we wrote about recently, a recent FCC filing shows 2 fascinating new products on the Horizon from the team at Wilson Pro: which the Wilson Pro 4300 and Wilson Pro 4300R.

These products feature a new design that we haven't seen before. Like the Wilson Pro 4000, these units have four indoor antenna ports. However, they also offer 3 separate outdoor antenna ports!

We've never seen a cell phone signal booster with three outdoor antenna ports, and it took a bit of digging to find out what they were for. But we were able to figure it out: each outdoor antenna port covers a different frequency band.

The design allows an installer to connect three outdoor antennas to the Pro 4300 and Pro 4300R, each pointing in a different direction, to truly optimize the signal on each band. Here's how the frequencies supported on each port break down:

  • Outdoor antenna port 1: 700 MHz - Band 12/17/13
  • Outdoor antenna port 2: 850 MHz - Band 5
  • Outdoor antenna port 3: 1900/2100 MHz - Band 2/4/25

Based on the FCC reports it appears that you can connect to just one of these donor ports or use all three, depending on whether connecting additional antennas for the other frequency bands makes sense.

Here's the diagram included in the FCC filing, showing all three outdoor antenna (donor) ports, and the four indoor antenna (server) ports:

Wilson Pro 4000 Ports

It's a pretty interesting design decision. We've never seen something like this before, and we're excited to see these units launch and get them in our lab to test. 

In additional to the novel 3-donor design, the Pro 4300 boosters feature a built-in cellular modem that was first offered with the Wilson Pro 1000C. The cellular connectivity allows them to push data to the WilsonPro Cloud. That means that all three outdoor antenna ports and all four indoor antenna ports can be monitored, alarmed, and controlled remotely.

The Wilson Pro 4300 series also offers increased downlink power compared to the Pro 4000. The FCC certification documents show 16 dBm downlink output power. Gain figures are a little lower than what one might expect, varying between 60 dB to 68 dB depending on the band.

Here's the only photo that was included with the FCC filing. It doesn't show much, other than the standard blue case:

Wilson Pro 4000

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