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The Waveform Blog

New Wilson SOHO 801245 Premium Kit with M54 Antenna

We’ve just added a new “premium” version of our popular Wilson SOHO 801245 Kit. This kit adds an extra 20ft LMR400 cable and swaps the Wilson 301101 antenna for a dual-band fiberglass omni-directional M54 antenna. The premium kit’s upgraded antenna allows the SOHO kit to work in lower signal situations and improves the system’s total [...]

Spotwave Z1900 Amplifier Launched on RepeaterStore – Only $299

 The Spotwave Z1900 is a new addition to the range of cell phone amplifiers we stock at the RepeaterStore. The Spotwave Z1900 is a stylish wireless cell phone repeater that operates on the 1900 MHz frequency band. This means it will be able to boost your cell phone reception from a weak signal to a [...]

iPhone Field Test gives Frequency Usage

Update 5th March 2011: Field Test Mode was disabled with iPhone software version 4.0, but Apple enabled it again for version 4.3 Users of the iPhone have discovered that the phone has a very comprehensive “Field Test” mode that allows users to find out a range of information about the phone’s connection to the network. [...]

Faraday cages

Last month I mentioned how building materials can block cell signal by acting as a Faraday cage. The Faraday cage phenomenon is a pretty interesting one and I thought it deserved a bit more attention. A Faraday shield consists of a wire mesh which blocks external electric charges from entering the cage. The video below, [...]

zBoost zPersonal – RepeaterStore to carry WiEx’s latest product

RepeaterStore is proud to announce that it will be carrying the zBoost zPersonal cell phone repeater. Launched yesterday by Wi-Ex, the zBoost zPersonal will be compatible with both the 800MHz and 1900MHz frequency bands. We are very excited about this latest development from WiEx. The zPersonal is unique on several levels. The vision behind the [...]

800MHz vs. 1900 MHz: When do you need dual band?

An earlier post here discussed the upcoming database which will allow all our customers to determine what frequency repeater they need, instantaneously and free of charge. That database is nearly completed and due for release soon. In the meantime I thought I’d deal with a related question. Cellular signals in the US are broadcast on [...]

Causes of bad cell signal (and can a repeater help?)

The majority of our customers visit RepeaterStore looking for a solution to their own, very specialized, cell signal problems. A common situation is a home or office with few or no signal bars and frequently dropped calls. Whether or not a repeater can help in this situation depends on the cause of the problem – [...]