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New Wilson Pro 1300 and 1300R Enterprise Signal Boosters

Update 8/20/19: the Wilson Pro 1300 and Wilson Pro 1300R are now live! Everything we guessed about these two products and their innovative 3-donor antenna design was accurate, and the new units are in stock and ready to ship. See our product pages for more information and product photos.

Hot on the heels of the new Wilson Pro 4300 and weBoost Home Multi-Room, we've spotted another new registration by the Wilson/weBoost team: the wall-mount Wilson Pro 1300 and rack-mount Wilson Pro 1300R.

To be clear: we're not exactly sure on what the final model names of these two devices will be. Wilson might choose to call them the Pro 1300C and 1300CR or 1300RC, or something else entirely. We're basing everything on this blog post on the FCC filings, and marketing departments often change things after products are FCC-certified.

The reason why we think the "C" postfix might be added to the units is simple: these products include a cellular modem that allows them to be connected to the WilsonPro Cloud. That means they can be monitored, alarmed and controlled remotely.

The other unique feature of these two new Pro 1300 products is that they have 3 outdoor antenna ports, just like the Pro 4300. It took us a bit of sleuthing when the Pro 4300 passed the FCC certification, but we figured out how the multiple outdoor antenna ports work:

  • Outdoor Antenna Port 3 covers the 700 MHz frequencies - LTE Bands 12/17/13
  • Outdoor Antenna Port 2 covers the 850 MHz frequencies - LTE Band 5
  • Outdoor Antenna Port 1: covers the 1900/2100 MHz frequencies - LTE Bands 2/4/25

Just like the Pro 4300, you can use just Outdoor Antenna Port 1, or use all three, depending on the signal conditions. The extra outdoor antenna options allow installers to connect three outdoor antennas, one for each frequency band, and optimize the signal coming into the Pro 1300.

Unlike the Pro 4300 series though, the Pro 1300 just has one indoor antenna. The diagram below is taken from the FCC filings:

WilsonPro 1300 and 1300R Ports

Digging in a bit deeper into the test measurements conducted by Wilson's FCC test lab shows 16.5 dBm downlink output power on almost every band, and between 62 and 70 dB gain. Those are some pretty impressive numbers that max out the FCC's specs for multi-band signal boosters.

Taken together with the Pro 4300, these new boosters signal a focus by the Wilson Pro team on ensuring that Wilson products can be used even in challenging signal environments. Are the best signals coming from three different directions on the roof? No problem: just use all three ports of the Wilson Pro 4300.

There's much that the FCC reports don't tell us about these new products. One of the things we've been asking the manufacturers is to demodulate LTE signals to show signal quality (SINR), and we are yet to see a booster that includes that functionality other than Cel-Fi's GO X and Quatra products. We'll see if that changes, perhaps even with this generation of new Wilson products.

Last but not least, here's the photo of the back of the device included with the FCC filing. FCC test labs aren't the best photographers, but at least it gives some idea of the form factor of these new units:

Wilson Pro 1300

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